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Coffey - Family Beach Portrait Session - Pensacola Beach

Ruth and her husband are the best grandparents ever! Each summer they take their two grandsons on an RV trip somewhere beautiful! How awesome is that? Spending so much time with these amazing people sounds like the best thing a kid could ask for! The images of them pulling their two grandsons in the wagon just gives me so much joy!!! I hope they decide to keep Pensacola Beach in their vacation rotation!

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Greene - Family Beach Portrait Session - Destin

I am not sure I've ever photographed sweeter boys! They gave me their best smiles for the more formal portrait and then dissolved into giggles with each other for candid time! We had so much fun! As always, I had to get a few shots of Mom and Dad alone. It's just so important to take that time, even if it's just a few minutes, to hug, connect, and let the world fall away for a few moments.

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